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Center created in 1998 by Céline Laurent Desor.
To learn to master his art in perfect autonomy in his activity.
The CPIFAC educational engineering is "business oriented" and is based on know-how and on knowledge, practice and professional independence.

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The creation of the Al Terre Native association was led by Céline Laurent
From the experience of the association acquired following several years of event organization, the association has chosen to focus on research and development of ceramics by inviting professionals to international conferences and exchanges.

Al Terre Native represents crafts and artistic design.

It offers artist residencies.

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After studying fine arts and ceramics in Tarbes, Mulhouse and Burgundy, she went to learn in Africa in a pottery village. She set up her workshop in Lorraine in 1998.
A new field of action opened up for her in 2002 when she opened her professional training center for diplomas: the CPIFAC in Velaine-en-Haye.

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The Galerie Demeterre, space, attached to the artist residence of the native Al Terre association, is located in the heart of the Hague Forest in Velaine en Haye, 10 minutes from Nancy and next to the International Professional Training Center at the Ceramic Arts (CPIFAC).
In an exceptional setting with an area of over 200 hectares, it allows everyone to find themselves in the heart of nature.
You will admire the works of 10 professional artists embodying contemporary art in the representative registers of the plastic arts: ceramic, painting, bronze, resin, glass and metal.

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