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Maël B.

"Lost in my fears,

I'm trying to bring the light into these depths.

Hopeless quest,

when we don't have the knowledge.

Thanks to the modeling,

I am armed with courage.

To hide them no more,

but once and for all confront them."


Threshold Guardian
"Dungeon and Ragon"
My work is inspired by different fantastic universes.
Here, I was inspired by the role-playing game "Dungeon and Dragon" to present my confrontation with my fears.

Freyja Päähine

This piece of jewelry is a ritual headdress used to give strength and fertility to who wears it.

She is named after Freyja who is a Scandinavian deity considered a goddess of war, nature and fertility.

Plastician-Ceramist training at CPIFAC 2019-2020

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