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Laura Faller

The alchemical work is a process of transformation of the being, which this year allowed me to experience. I come out grown from this emotionally rich experience. Earth is for me a means of expressing what I cannot say, it allowed me to dissect many emotions in order to understand and embrace their entirety.


L'Éclat des Ombres is a course of sculptures that is intended to reflect a path within oneself.

Through this device, I evoke the acceptance of the whole being, in its darkest parts which can shelter a magnificent spark of light, as in the most luminous parts which sometimes hide an unnamed chaos.

The Brightness of Shadows begins with a count. The spectator is first confronted with a set of debris of masks, half faces representing the different roles that we can play with the intention of concealing our inner being.

Through this dive the spectator is invited to contemplate his own exposure. Once this path is crossed, the spectator will stand near two entities representing the double polarity of this world, the solve and the coagula.

In the center of the cave, is Lucifer representation of the shadows highlighted.

Plastician-Ceramist training at CPIFAC 2019-2020

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