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Julie L.

My attraction to the earth was born from chance, joys, sacrifices and patience: In 2017 I discovered modeling near my home in Vannes. For 2 years, I maintained my passion for creation and the land through fascinating meetings and sharing.
Until the day when, at the end of a system, I made the choice to combine passion and professional.
My achievements are inspired by our history, are wrapped around the feminine, our society, which is sometimes made of suffering and alienation, showing how life can generate values hostile to life.

THE 3 GRACES: 3 Women, respectively named Euphrosine, Thalie and Aglaé.

These names are inspired by the 3 deities of ancient mythology called the Graces among the Romans, in Greek the Charites. Originally deities of nature, generally considered thereafter as the companions of the incomparable Aphrodite, or Venus, goddess of Love and Beauty.

Supposed to represent beauty, seduction, human creativity. The 3 Women present before your eyes are here, far from a "feminine ideal", which is often distinguished by its beauty.

This beauty here takes on its meaning beyond matter.

It is inspired by Nature, a Sacred beauty which shows the way of freedom. This evolution will draw on their origins while taking into account advances, progress but also errors, nothing is denied, everything is transformed.

Aglaé embodies illusions from which she seeks to protect herself.

Thalie, the shaman, awakens her soul and reconnects with those of the ancestors, the earth.

Euphrosine, appropriated her body, nature flourishes in her, now she is nature.   The path composed of flames announces the destruction of illusions and transcends the action, which the hands of wax represent, in matter.

Plastician-Ceramist training at CPIFAC 2019-2020

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