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Dorine C.

Curious about new experiences, sensitive to the world around me, looking for the harmony of different elements and materials, I like to learn and transmit. I like to create by modeling clay which brings me out of time towards a fullness: expression of emotion, evocative luminosity.
Today, I join the CPIFAC to find my integrity, learn new techniques in the field of ceramics, associated materials and give me the necessary spring to live my activity in creation and transmission.
The act of creation starts with knowing yourself to discover the song of your own heart, its values and its trends.

The sources of inspiration to fuel my creativity are in my environment, in nature, in cities. I find there textures, effects of materials, shapes, curves, lines, patterns, paintings, colors to transpose in my artistic creations.
My gaze oscillates between plastic observation and figurative and imaginary interpretation.
Sometimes I collect a sample of materials, a branch, a paper. I sketch a sketch, I listen, I record, I write down ... a thought, a reading, an idea, an aspiration, an emotion, a reflection, words.
Inspiration feeds my imagination of images or objects seen and collected on networks ... or databases, magazines, exhibitions, museum visits, trips, meetings, enrich my vision of other approaches. This wide range of research allows me to find my own ideas, my identity, what I want to tell, transmit ... while creating.
The rich teaching at CPIFAC promotes the learning of new techniques that I link to my ideas and my identity. Over the weeks, the perception of my project takes shape, of the artistic concept bringing out a problem: the relationship of man to nature.

Plastician-Ceramist training at CPIFAC since January 2020

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