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Céline C.

Beyond words or evils, the body expression of our senses, the scars of the past and the search for liberation were the way of my research for these three sculptures. Questioning and reflection, face to face between reality and interpretation of the position of women, what choices do we make?
Physical and / or psychological oppression that women have suffered, are experiencing and will experience. Between struggle and resignation still hanging from this grip, torn between the past and the present.
Stay standing and resist, go to the end of our will.
But is it possible?

A woman in society, but who is she really?

A translation of what it is or what we want it to be?

Beyond the evils, he has his body, expressive and sensory.

A path of passages, sacrifices or fights will determine its future.

And you, will you be sensitive to this resonance?

Plastician-Ceramist training at CPIFAC 2019-2020

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